40 Must Have Features To Help Your Website Convert Traffic Into Customers

TESTIMONIALSEveryone that click into your website is your potential customer. After you channel traffic into your website, you must try to retain that traffic and convert that into your paying customer.

Your website is like your online storefront. Most people will decide whether to stay on a site based on the first impression. So it is important that you make that first impression count.

You can make a brilliant website by keeping in mind a few basic rules and making some simple tweaks. These changes could turn your website into one that attracts visitors, converts clients, and eventually helps you build a prosperous and exciting business.

Here is a list of the 40 must-have features you should have on your business website.

  1. New Products and/or Services

One of the best ways to make your business website stand out from your competition and really take hold is to create a steady stream of top quality products or services. Create a launch plan that provides you with the ability to talk about new products or services often, to discuss pending launches, and to offer promotions. It keeps things exciting and of course it helps your bottom line.

  1. SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. It’s the strategy and toolbox of tactics that drive traffic to your website. There are many tactics to embrace including linking, keywords, content, social media and more.

  1. Analytics

Analytics will not only help you fine tune your SEO strategy, it’ll help you build stronger relationships, better understand your clients and prospects, and it will help you create highly targeted content. Analytics is essentially a program that helps track every single visitor activity on your website.

Google offers a free version of analytics software that is easy to use. You embed the code into your blog or website and then you can track your website activity. You can see which pages receive the most visits, where your visitors come from and much more. Analytics is an essential tool for any serious business owner. 

  1. Relevant and Strong Outbound Links

Many people are frightened of outbound links. They’re worried that they will be sending their visitors away. The key to good outbound links is to link to websites that are complimentary and that you have a relationship with.

For example, if you have a dog training blog you might link to your favorite dog toys website or your favorite dog breed information site. Choose relevant sites that aren’t in direct competition with you. These outbound links should also only be with professionals that you have a connection with. Ideally they’ll also help promote you by linking to your site or by promoting you on social media.

  1. Pictures

Do your prospects and customers know what you look like? Add a picture to your website and show them. Make it a professional image that represents you and your brand. If you have a team of employees or even contractors that your clients may interact with frequently then consider adding photos of them on your “About” page or contact page.

  1. Promotional Offer

Ideally you’ll always have something going on, something that you can promote. You don’t need to have a fire sale every other week; in fact, that’s generally not a great idea. However, a relevant and valuable promotion can create interest for your company. There are many opportunities for promotions including new product launches, sales, and holidays.

  1. Referral or Affiliate Program

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing because it doesn’t come from you. It comes from satisfied customers. Consider creating a referral program for your business. You can reward referrals with money, discounts or add ones.

You might also consider creating an affiliate program. An affiliate program pays others a commission based on sales they send your way. It requires some additional legwork because you’ll want to provide them with materials to be successful, but it can pay off generously. 

  1. Security

Make sure your customer’s information is protected by an appropriate level of technology. Using a secure shopping cart and payment system. Make sure your customers know they are protected by sharing your security protocol and policies. If you have SSL (Secure Socket Layer), then tell them you have it by displaying the logo.

  1. Fast Load Times

Invest in a good webhost and make sure the graphics you’re uploading aren’t so large they slow down load times. People are impatient and generally won’t wait more than a few seconds for a site to load.

  1. Visual Interest

With good design elements and attractive and relevant graphics strategically placed throughout, you’ll create a website that is beautiful to look at as well as useful. Work with a designer to get an attractive and balanced site.

There you have it!

40 ways you can improve your website and make it stand out from your competition. Start with a few of these changes and gradually implement more of them as can. Each step you take helps your business grow, provides value to your visitors and prospects, and attracts more people to you and your wonderful Internet based business.

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