40 Must Have Website Features That Attract Visitors And Bring In Paying Customers.


The first impression that your website present is very important. For most people, it’s the first impression of the website that determine whether to stay on with it. So it is vital that you make that first impression count.

The good news is that keeping in mind a few basic rules and making some simple tweaks to your website, you can take it from bland to brilliant. You can create a website that attracts visitors, converts clients, and helps you build a prosperous and exciting business.


Here is a list of the 40 must-have features you should have on your business website.

  1. Exceptionally Effective Calls To Action

Include a call to action in every single piece of content you publish on your website – even if you merely want someone to stay on your site and read some more. Tell your visitors what to do next and help guide them through your site step by step.

  1. Have You Been Featured On The News?

If you’ve had the opportunity to be featured on the news then share the logo of that show on your website. Imagine how powerful “As Seen on CNN” could be to grow your business.

  1. Do You Have Credentials?

What are your credentials? What makes you an exceptional source of information, services or products? Include your credentials on your website in the form of a biography or on your “About” page.

  1. Clear Brand

What’s your brand? Is it strong and apparent on your website? You can use your colors, logo, header, buttons, graphics, and the voice of your content to help build and establish your brand.

  1. Obvious Target Market

Who is your target market, and when they visit your site is it obvious that you’re talking to them? Your target markets are the people who your products and services are designed to help. They’re the people whose problems you solve.

If you’re unsure who your target market is, then it’s time to conduct some research. Take a look both at the demographics and psychographics of your customers. What do they have in common? Create an ideal prospect and then craft your website to appeal to that ideal prospect.

  1. About Page

Your “About” page can include a number of pieces of information. Consider including information about your company’s vision and mission. You can also include a bio or staff, although those are often best left to a separate page. You might include the company history and your purpose.

  1. Contact Page

The contact page is simple enough yet it is very important. It should include your contact information even if it’s already been published elsewhere on your site. Include name, phone numbers, email addresses and physical address. Also consider including any social media links on this page.

  1. Video And Welcome Audio

Video and audio have become primary means of communication online. YouTube, Vimeo and other social video sites have changed the way we interact online. People enjoy being able to put a face with a business. They also like to hear your voice. Consider including both video and audio content on your site. You might even include a simple welcome message embedded into your landing page and/or sales page.

  1. A Way For People To Give Money

Are you passionate about a cause? There are many ways you can integrate your cause into your business website. Taking this step not only helps raise money for something you believe in, it can help build your business.

A simple plug-in to help people click and donate, or a link to a cause you believe in, helps identify your business as a socially responsible one. More and more consumers are choosing socially aware businesses.

Additionally, if you have environmentally friendly practices then take time to identify those on your website. Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s an approach that consumers respond to.

  1. USP

Having a USP (unique selling proposition) is what makes you different. How do you separate yourself from your competition? What do you do better or differently from them? Integrate your USP into your voice, branding, and content online.

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